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Teresa and Socks Mitchell


Socks_Mitchell_American_Warmblood_1.jpgAfter starting my rescue horse, Socks, I discovered he had a unique challenge -- he was terrified of horse and rider combinations.  We assume that he had been chased or roped and he was responding with a bolt out of fear based on past experience.  First I was referred to Lucy Curley who in turn referred me to Copper Ridge Ranch and Scott Mason.


After a phone call and a lengthy conversation about Socks' problem I knew I had the right trainer, for me and for Socks.  Socks still has minor trust issues with horses and riders he hasn't met.  Once he meets and greets his trust level rises and he trusts his rider to keep him safe.


Socks has been instilled with a safety tool kit that includes a one-rein stop, a stop that means "stop and take serveral steps backwards" to break his forward motion, hind quarter / front quarter.


Scott has taken my less-than-confident horse from bolting at the sight of a horse socks_Mitchell_graduation-picture.jpgand rider to riding safely with unfamiliar horses and riders.  His work ethic is amazing and he LOVES Scott.  And more importantly he respects Scott and works hard to hear Scott say, "Good boy!"


Over the past three years Socks has returned to Copper Ridge for more training for which I am grateful for and thrilled with the outcomes.  Scott has gently taught my horse how to behave in adverse conditions (to him), empowered me with sound horsemanship skills and confidence and gave us both a future that otherwise seemed impossible given Socks' unknown history.


Socks is now moving forward with grace and confidence, doing lateral work (leg yields, hanches in, shoulder in), working on perfecting his flying lead changes, canter departs from a stop. . . Socks, thanks to Scott, IS the partner I will learn dressage with!


Teresa and Socks Mitchell

February 4, 2014


Shannon Nelson



Scott Mason's training methods are grounded in natural horsemanship techniques and Buck Branaman's training philosophy.  Scott always starts with groundwork and develops a willing partnership based on trust and respect. 


Scott's training clients, both horses and riders, leave Copper Ridge empowered with skills and knowledge. 


Scott starts horses for a variety of disciplines including dressage, cow working, showing and trails. 





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