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Copper Ridge Ranch is located in Ellensburg, Washington.  We are a full-service horse training, boarding and breeding facility.  


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We are proud of celebrating our 15th year in business in 2014 and are committed to delivering value to our training customers to help them acheive their goals and pursue their discipline, be it dressage, an occassional trail ride, winning in the show ring or working cows with their equine partner.


Horse Training


Copper_2.jpgScott Mason's training methods are grounded in natural horsemanship techniques and Buck Branaman's training philosophy.  Scott always starts with groundwork and develops a willing partnership based on respect. 

Scott's training clients, both horse and rider, leave Copper Ridge empowered with skills and knowledge. 

Scott starts horses for a variety of disciplines including dressage, cow working, showing and trails. 

  • With 30-90 days of training with Scott your horse has a solid foundation to safely build upon.  (If your horse carries baggage, is spooky or untrusting it takes longer.) 
  • With 90-180 days of training your horse will have an expanded cue vocabulary, respond appropriately to changing environments (arena, trail, etc.) and have developed mutual trust between horse and rider.
  • Depending on the horse and it's personality and willingness, it realistically takes 1-2 years to fi2014_First_Clinic_1.jpgnish a horse.


  • Starting young horses -- never saddled, never riden -- we charge 500.00 per month for training which includes 2 lessons per month.  Ideally clients will make time to practice groundwork, ride and spend time learning just as their horse is learning. Boarding not included.  
  • For repeat customers who want more time put on their horse or a spring tune-up please call us for a quote.                                                           


 For answers to your training questions email Scott or call him directly at 206-390-1300.


Here is our Boarding and Training Agreement and our Release of Liability Agreement.



Copper Ridge Ranch

6224 Robbins Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926



Scott is turning our green horse into a rock solid, great mare.  He works so well with my kids; they are learning and gaining confidence right along with the horse. 

Shannon Nelson




socks_Mitchell_graduation-picture.jpgSocks LOVES Scott!  (All of the horses do!)  Scott started Socks three years ago.  I was referred to Scott, talked to him on the phone and just knew that it was the right fit, both for training and the horse sense the Mason's have.  After one phone conversation, I left  my beloved, only horse in good hands for training.  I took every opportunity to take a lesson, I was in training as much as my horse was. 


With the support of both Scott and Wendy I have the confidence to pursue my dream of learning dressage together, my horse and I.



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