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Scott Mason - Owner / Trainer

Scott Mason
Owner / Trainer

In 1999 Scott Mason established Copper Ridge Ranch a full-service horse training, breeding and boarding facility in the heart of cowboy country -- Ellensburg, Washington. 

Scott's  training style and horsemanship philosophy traces back to Buck Branaman who was inspired by Ray Hunt who in turn was inspired by Tom Dorrance -- men who all respected and understood horses, their language and their unique disposistions to willingly partner up and trust the handler and rider.


Horses have always been a part of Scott's life from being a ranch hand as a kid to estab2014_First_Clinic_1.jpglishing Copper Ridge Ranch in 1999.

Beginning as a teenager Scott worked at Moonlight Farms, a Trekaner breeding facility where he worked with young horses teaching them how to:

  • Pony.
  • Lunge and work with a cercingle.
  • Trim hooves.

After graduating high school Scott set out for Phoenix and Tom Chauncy Desert Arabians where he was as Assistant Trainer responsible for:

  • Caring for and riding 14 horses, 6 days a week.
  • Starting young horses with groundwork, first rides and learning cues.
  • Show prep and grooming.

Training then became a hobby . . . Scott set out to become a Farrier earning a Certificate of Equine Services along the way. 

Mastering the anatomy of a horse Scott built a solid, recurring client base for his farrier business yet something was missing.  Hence, Copper Ridge Ranch became a full-service horse training, horse boarding and horse breeding facility and became an increasingly valuable resource for his clients.   


Celebrating our 15th year in 2014, we continue to take pride in our clients successes and strive to build lasting relationships with our clients -- people and their horses!




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